Main Conference Venue

  Biosignal Processing and Integrated Visualizing System for Human Centered Design

      Chair : Assoc. Prof. Kouki Nagamune, University of Fukui, Japan

      Email : nagamune at

  Big Data in Online Education

      Chair : Prof. ZHENG Li, LI Chao, Tsinghua University, China  

      Email : zhengli at, li-chao at

  Data-driven Solutions for Computational Sustainability

      Chair : Assoc. Prof. ZHOU Qifeng, LUO Linkai, SHAO Guifang, Xiamen University, China

      Email : zhouqf at, luolk at, luolk at

  New Information Technology and Applications in Social Education and Local Community

     Chair : Assoc. Prof. ZHOU Wei,  CUI Binyue, Beijing Jiaotong University, Hebei University, China

     Email : wzhou at, binyuec at

Satellite Event at Fukui

  Forms and Fundamental Fields                    

     Chair : Prof. Shu Matsuura, Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan

     Email : shumats0 at

Satellite Event at Kyoto

  Overview of Human Interface and Introduction of Research Subjects at HI Lab. of KIT

    Chair : Prof. Yu SHIBUYA, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan

    Email : shibuya at