Technical Program

(Update at 8th August, 2016)

FUKUI Satellite Conference (Monday, 22, August, 2016)

Time  Academy Hall Outside Place
8:30-10:30 Invited Session Fukui (InS F)
10:30-11:30 Satellite Lecture (SL F)
11:30-17:30 Excursions (Ex F)

Main Conference (Tuesday, 23, August, 2016)

Time NOYORI Recption Outside Place
14:00-16:00 Registration  
16:00-18:00 Welcome Reception
Prof. Itamiya
19:00-21:00 Staff Meeting

Main Conference (Wednesday, 24, August, 2016)

9:00-10:30 Invited Session 1
(InS 1)
Wd A1 Wd P
Wd A2
Wd A3
10:30-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-12:15 Wd B Wd B2
Wd P
Wd B3
Wd B4
12:15-13:15 Lunch
13:15-13:20 Welcome Talk 1
Prof. Maoqing Li
13:20-13:25 Welcome Talk 2
Prof. Shigeki Yokoi
13:25-14:15  Keynote Speech 1
Prof. Jonathan Li
14:25-15:15 Keynote Speech 1
Dr. Hirofumi Seo
15:15-15:45 Coffee Break
15:45-17:15 Invited Session 2
(InS 2)
 Wd C
 Wd P

Main Conference (Thursday, 25, August, 2016)

9:00-10:30 Th A
Th P
10:30-10:45 Invited Session 3
(InS 3)
Coffee Break
10:45-12:00 Th B
Th P
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-13:50 Keynote Speech 2
Prof. Toshio Fukuda
14:00-14:50 Keynote Speech 2
Dr. Sina Fateh
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-17:00 Invited Session 4
(InS 4)
Th C
Th P
17:00-18:30 Th D1 Th D2
Th D3

KYOTO Satellite Conference (Friday, 26, August, 2016)

Time Campus Plaza Kyoto Outside Place
10:00-11:00 Satellite Lecture (SL K)  
11:00- Excursion (Ex K)


Introduction of Presentations, ICCSE 2016

ICCSE aims to provide an open and effective platform to exchange the ideas for CS and Education field. Generally speaking, all accepted papers should be presented in one of the three methods: a. Oral Presentation, b. Poster Presentation, and c. Online Presentation.

Oral Presentation:

  1. Session Number: InS F, InS 1-4, WdA1-A3,WdB1-B4,WdC,ThA,ThB,ThC,ThD1-D3.
  2. Oral Presentation Time: 15 or 20 minutes, including discussion.

    (Please check your schedule in technical program)

  1. Each speaker is required to meet his/her session chairs in the corresponding session rooms 10 minutes before the session starts and copy the PPT/PDF file to the computer.
  2. Each session room is equipped with a projector and a laptop (with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Power-Point, and PDF reader). Please make sure that your files are compatible and readable with our operation system by using commonly used fonts and symbols.

Poster Presentation:

  1. Session Number:WdP and ThP.
  2. The Conference will provide an exhibition board (width 1.1m, height 1.6m) for each poster paper. The boards will be arranged in order of the paper in the final program. Tape and other materials will be provided on site, and volunteer-assistants will give necessary help. Posters are required to be condensed and attractive. The characters should be large enough so that they are visible from 1 meter apart.
  3. Authors should follow the following instructions.

Set posters during 9:00-10:30.

Authors should stay by your poster paper to explain and discuss your paper with visiting colleagues during 10:45-12:00.

Remove the poster during 15:30-17:00

The author should check the precise schedule concerning poster presentation by the Website of ICCSE2016 or instruction material on the Conference day.

Online Presentation:

  1. This method is only for the ones who have unexpected reason to absent the conference